Years and years of experience in the field of power reduction have taught us that the success of a project depends on the analysis of the variables involved carried out in the preliminary phase. Delight Movers of the automation and its field of application is essential to identifying the best gear motor.

Characteristics of the sector and the work cycle

Let’s start with the more technical aspects of YOUR industry. That’s right! Even if we are experts in gear motors, the real difference is made by specific knowledge of the context in which the motor and gearbox must be applied.

In addition to the destination industrial sector, the characteristics of the work cycle are also of fundamental importance for us.

Temperature and environmental characteristics

Contextual to the analysis of the sector and the work cycle is also the study of the environmental characteristics in which the machinery or device must operate.

In this case it becomes essential to know whether the automation operates in an external environment (to evaluate any specific components such as brushless motors or stainless steel shaft and casing) or to understand the temperature (or even the temperature range) that characterizes the environment (so as to also define the usefulness of other elements such as seals or suitable lubrication),

Type of power supply and engine                                                                                                          Other crucial information concerns the type of power supply of the machine. This serves to define the type of motor to use. Battery operated, therefore DC powered? Alternating current?

Consequently, it will be possible to go into even more detail by choosing a 12 or 24V motor for direct current, or a single-phase or three-phase motor for alternating current.

Type of movement

Villa Movers in Dubai? Will the machine have to perform to perform the function for which it was designed? Translation? Rotation? Lifting or? In this case the evaluation will instead concern the speed reducer.

For example, if linear movement (or translation) is envisaged, the application of a jack or a linear actuator can be evaluated. However, if lifting were required, additional functions such as irreversibility of motion would be appropriate (useful to prevent the device from falling when the engine is stopped).


Type of connection between machine and gear motor

Just as it is important to know how the gear motor connects to the machinery. In this case there are 3 alternatives:

A direct connection can be provided, in which case the hollow shaft of the reducer is applied directly to the motor shaft

  • Connection with interposition of a fitting (elastic joint)
  • Connection with additional chain or gear final drive.
  • How to choose gearboxes for electric motors

Those listed so far are the main characteristics to evaluate when choosing the most suitable motor, gearbox or gear motor for your project, but not the only ones! In fact, there are other technical details that an expert needs to know in order to create the best product for your needs.