Having a secure wallet to store crypto assets is the main priority of crypto traders. And the task of finding a good crypto wallet is not at all easy. There are so many wallets available in the crypto market. Every crypto wallet platform claims that they are more safe and this makes it even more difficult to select which wallet is better. Even if you explore the website of every wallet, it would still be difficult to gain all the necessary information. 

So to help with this situation we are presenting you this blog explaining the most popular and trusted wallet called MetaMask and whether it is safe or not. You can also use it as your MetaMask Chrome Extension

Is MetaMask Secure?

This is the central question that arises in the mind of a trader. And to help you with this question, read this blog segment carefully. On the basis of evaluation, it can be claimed that the MetaMask Chrome Extension is safe to use. 

The wallet gives the users a secure platform with features such as 2-factor authentication, a seed phrase that can be stored only by the trader, automatic security checks, and many more. If you know about some basics of the crypto world, then you must be aware of 2-factor Authentication as well as the Secret Recovery Phrase. But do you know about Automatic Security Checks and how to set it up?

What do you mean by Automatic Security Checks?

On this application, you can get automatic notifications about when a new version is released of MetaMask Chrome Extension. Because of this feature, the users are always up to date when the wallet has launched an update, this will save the users from believing any fraudulent messages regarding the update. It will also stop the users from opening some irrelevant links that collect all the mobile data just after one click. 

How to Enable Automatic Security Checks?

The next most important question is how to enable security checks. To find the answer to your question follow our blog further:

  1. The first step is to open the MetaMask Chrome Extension
  2. Now go to the Settings option.
  3. Scroll toward the ‘Privacy and Security’ function.
  4. Again scroll down in the newly opened list and find the option of Automatic Security Checks.
  5. Upon finding the option enable the button to the right side.

Now you must be thinking if this feature is so helpful then why it was not enabled automatically? The answer to your question is that MetaMask wants to maintain transparency on its platform. Also, the platform wanted to ask your permission before revealing your data on any other server. 

Can we adjust privacy settings?

Yes, the MetaMask Extension users can adjust their Privacy Settings. All you have to do is go to the Privacy option in the settings option. There you can adjust the privacy settings of:

  • MetaMetrics

If you see that the option is already enabled, then it means that you have MetaMask permission to collect all the non-sensitive details about your account.

  • Phishing Detection

It would be beneficial for you if you have enabled this option because it will detect the sites you are visiting and check whether it is a phishing site or not. And if it is then you will be warned about it.

Summing it up

There is something important that you should know before enabling Automatic Security Checks. And the important thing is that your IP Address would be revealed to the servers of GitHub. However, it only tells that this server is only being used by the MetaMask and nothing else is revealed. So it is completely up to you if you want to enable Automatic Security Checks on the MetaMask Chrome Extension or not.