If you have kids aged 5 to 13 who love jumping and bouncing around trampolines, they must try Inflatable World! Inflatable World East Kilbride is an amazing, fun park with lots of inflatable slides, bouncy castles, obstacle courses, and trampolines that are perfect for any age. The best part is that it is designed with the utmost safety in mind. To ensure that children stay safe while playing at Inflatable World, there are some safety rules that they must follow:

Wear the Proper Clothing

It is important for children to wear appropriate clothing when playing at Inflatable. This includes closed-toe shoes, shorts, and t-shirts. It is also essential to avoid wearing any jewellery or loose clothing that could get caught on the inflatables and cause an injury.

Follow Instructions

All of the inflatable attractions at Inflatable come with instructions for proper use. It is important for children to follow these instructions carefully and not try anything they are uncomfortable with or do not understand.

Respect the Equipment

All of the inflatables at inflatable East Kilbride are extremely durable, but it is still important for children to treat them with respect. This means not bouncing too hard or trying to climb on top of them.

Know Your Limits

Every child is different and can only do certain activities safely. Children need to know their limits when playing at Inflatable and not to try anything that could be beyond their skill level or cause them injury.

Use Safety Gear

Some of the attractions at Inflatable may require the use of safety gear such as helmets or elbow pads. Children need to wear these items whenever required in order to prevent injuries.

Follow Supervision Rules

All of the attractions at Inflatable fun East Kilbride require adult supervision at all times. It is important for adults to monitor their children closely while playing and make sure they are following all of the safety rules listed above.


By following these 6 safety rules, children can have a safe and fun experience while playing with Inflatable trampolines. This will ensure that they get the most out of their visit and come away with lots of fun memories! So, if you have kids aged 5 to 13 who love to jump and bounce around trampolines, then they must try Inflatable!

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