Jewellery plays a pivotal role in a woman’s life. In many cultures jewellery is considered to be an important asset for a woman and therefore, when she gets married, she inherits some of the jewellery pieces as family heirlooms and some as gifts. Apart from receiving gifts, a woman always tries to invest in jewellery pieces not just to wear them and look beautiful, but also to use them as an asset during the time of emergency. Jewellery has always been an important aspect for ages now. The importance of jewellery has been highlighted by people from ancient times. Precious metals such as, yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum, silvers and so on are used to design jewellery pieces.

Not just that, precious stones such as diamonds and gemstones are also used for designing different pieces of jewellery. In fact, people in the ancient times used to wear gemstones according to their zodiac signs or birth months as they used to believe that wearing gemstones according to zodiac sign or birth month would bring prosperity, wealth, happiness, calmness and serenity not just in personal life, but in professional life as well. Even today, people believe in this concept and wear the recommended gemstones as per their zodiac sign or birth month. If you believe in this concept and your partner is born in the month of march or is having pisces or aries as her zodiac sign, you can propose her with the best engagement ring from the collection of aquamarine engagement rings, since the gemstone aquamarine is meant for those who are born in the month of march or are having pisces or aries as their zodiac sign.

People wear jewellery to look presentable and it also helps them in maintaining a good status quo in society. A good piece of jewellery helps them look elegant and sophisticated in a gathering and their approach and presentation look appealing. Apart from this, jewellery comes with a lot of value and its value keeps on fluctuating as per the current market value. In short, if you have purchased a piece of jewellery a few years ago, and if you evaluate its worth as per the current market value, you will find an increase in its value as compared to its previous value. Therefore, if you are planning to sell the jewellery or if you are planning to repair the damage, be assured that you will always be in profit. To know the exact value of your jewellery, do not forget to evaluate it from the expert from time to time, no matter whether you are having a collection of black diamond eternity rings, ruby bracelets or an elegant blue sapphire necklace.

The infographic below talks about the most popular jewellery styles with some important statistics.