Maintaining clean jewelry is evidence that the earrings, pendants, and necklaces you own hold a special significance for you. Nevertheless, it may not always be easy to clean a dirty jewelry item.


Jewelry pieces like birthstone jewellery can lose their shine quickly as they are frequently used. The gemstones get hazy, grimy, and lackluster due to atmospheric factors like dust and pollution. That dirty jewelry isn’t ruined and can be easily cleaned to restore its shine.


Here are the top 7 easy ways to make your birthstone jewelry shine just like new pieces.


Using a gentle soap to remove dullness


The benefits of jewelry like a birthstone ring will not be impacted by dullness, but the jewelry’s appeal will certainly be lessened. For a gleaming look, carefully wash your birthstone jewelry with warm water and gentle soap. You can search for gentle soap names for precious stones online.


Buy cleaning products for gemstones


Purchase gemstone cleaning products, which can assist you in cleaning your jewels and are easily found in many retail suppliers. To preserve the beauty of all the items, carefully read the instructions before making a purchase. Choose the one that is applicable to both the metal and the stone. You can also search online to buy gemstone cleaning products.


Use ultrasonic cleaners for gemstones


A variety of ultrasonic cleaning instruments are also available for cleaning gemstones both online and offline. These can clean the dirt from gemstones and other items like wholesale sterling silver jewelry. They are used with water or additional solvents. This is the most effective procedure to clean hard stones like birthstones.


Easily clean with essential oils


You can apply essential oils to the gemstones in your jewelry before using them to preserve their shine. Jewellery can be cleaned easily with essential oils like lemon and tea tree. Gemstones are not ruined by essential oils. However, some metals might be affected if they come in touch with oils. So it is better to educate yourself about which essential oil can be used for each piece of jewelry. You purchase gemstones to make a statement, so taking a little extra care of them should not be a hassle.


Professional Check-ups


Don’t ignore it when you accidentally drop your sterling silver gemstone jewelry. Consult a specialist right away to check if your birthstone has come loose from the jewelry item. If you wear them on a regular basis, go for routine evaluations of your gemstones. When you purchase gemstones according to your birthstone chart, the requirement for a professional begins right away.


Avoid DIY methods with your gemstones


If you think that stones in your jewelry have loosened, don’t attempt a DIY repair. Instead, consult a professional right away. Avoid searching for these kinds of gemstone DIY ideas on the internet. You invest enough money in gemstone purchases so do not misuse the precious gemstones. A professional gemstone jewelry exporter can repair it quickly and easily without inflicting any more damage.


Store your birthstone properly


Using your birthstones on a daily basis will help retain their benefits, but if you wear them as jewelry, be sure you never store them in the same place as other gemstones. To prevent scratches, store different types of stones individually in pouches or purchase a jewelry box with multiple slots. You can buy pouches, cases, and jewelry boxes for gemstones both online and offline. The full set of gemstones has both hard and soft gemstones and each one requires separate care. Your gemstones will remain shining for years just with a little work and care.




Without a doubt, gemstone jewelry is an excellent investment. To buy jewelry at an affordable price, you must buy them at wholesale birthstone jewellery dealers. If you want to extend its life, you must keep it clean and maintained properly. You can make sure that your gemstone jewelry lasts for a long time and remains appealing by using the right methods of maintenance. You may safely and effectively clean your gemstone jewelry at home by following the instructions provided in this blog. Note that in order to prevent damage to your gemstone, it is essential that you identify its type before cleaning it.


Frequently Asked Questions – Your Birthstone Jewelry Shine



How do you make stone jewelry shine?


Most, but not all, gemstones can be cleaned most effectively by soaking them in warm water for ten to fifteen minutes with a mild soap and then giving them a gentle brushing. Following that, give them a quick washing in cold water and pat dry with a gentle cloth.


Is baking soda good for cleaning gemstones?


Generally speaking, using baking soda for gemstone cleaning is fine. However, because of its slight abrasiveness, using it to clean delicate gemstones and valuable metals like gold may cause scratches.


What makes a gemstone clear?


Rinse the gemstone and use a soft, lint-free cloth to gently pat it and dry it. Make sure to always clean your jewelry with gemstones in a bowl of water. Some pieces of jewelry may occasionally have loose gems in them. To avoid damaging the stone, do not scrub harshly.