Right tyres will provide perfect comfort and safety throughout the ride.  The tyre is the only part that touches the surface of the road. They help to control the grip of a car on a slippery road. In the market, there are different types of tyres available depending on your needs and requirements.  To reduce the higher risk of accidents on the road, the car should fulfil the necessary requirements for road safety. Tyres play an important role in your car as it helps to move the vehicle.

Therefore the demand for tyres has increased drastically over the years, as we know that it is important to buy tyres, the same way it is necessary to maintain your tyres for a regular duration. You should check tyre pressure, tread depth, cuts and bulges, and uneven wear at least once is year to make sure that it will increase your tyre’s life. With regular maintenance, you can rectify these minor problems which will not convert them into major problems.

Importance of Regular Maintenance-

Regular tyre maintenance ensures the safety and performance of your vehicle. If you take care of your tyre it will automatically increase your car’s life.  This maintenance will provide proper car handling, less fuel consumption and better ride quality.

– Regular tyre inspection plays an essential part for the vehicle. These services include tyre wear, and any damage or puncture. It is necessary to check tread depth and the legal tread depth is 1.6mm, if your car is not holding in between, then you need to get it replaced. 

– Tyre wear is more often seen because it depends on your driving habits, uneven road conditions and lastly the category of vehicle. The even rotation of tyres or the correct wheel balancing is necessary for maintenance. If you keep this hierarchy of maintaining the tyre it will reduce your faults or any damage so it will decrease your cost for replacement.

Read Tyre Code

There are some codes that are printed on Cheap Tyres Coventry sidewalls but we never understand these codes. Here are some code explanations printed on the car. 

225/30R19 (91Y)

-Nominal Tyre Width-

225, which is a three-digit number that represents the width of your tyre. This digit code has a unit of a millimetre.

– Aspect Ratio-

30 represents the length or how tall your tyre is, they are known as the percentage of tyres width.

– Internal Construction-

R is an optional representation of the tyre. R is a radial ply whereas there are tyres that have the letter B ( Bais Ply) or D (Diagonal)

– RIM Diameter Code-

The two digit ‘19’ represents the circumference of the tyre. The circumference is measured in inches.

-Load Index

91 Y represents the weight that your car can carry. These numbers are not directly measured in units, these number codes have a table in which the actual tyre load and air pressure can be seen.

How long do Tyres?

Tyres may long  last depending on the driving habits and how you maintain your tyres. As we know the front tyres are more likely to wear faster than the rear tyres. So, you should minimum drive 20,000 miles for front tyres and 40,000 for rear tyres.  If your tyre carries a heavier load then the possibility of tyre life is less.  The more quality and high-performance tyres they would have more chance to last. One of the reasons that tyres last is because of the even road conditions, if your car faces any uneven road conditions the tyres are likely to wear faster. Therefore it is always advisable to examine the tyres every 5 years or more from a professional mechanic for better life of the tyre as well as the car. 

The tyre can have different brands but it is mandatory to have the same tyre brand in the same axle so as they don’t result in any irregularities or abnormality while driving.

Quality of Good Tyres-

The tread pattern designed for the car tells about the good quality tyres. Different compounds are used so as to function for better performance. This tread pattern provides longevity, comfort, excellent grip and rolling resistance. Using the tyre in the correct way adds quality to the tyre.  High-quality tyres provide satisfactory brake handling. Tyres are known to be good only when they handle grip on wet and dry road conditions as they provide stability safety and comfort. Good tyres relatively have a longer life as compared to cheap tyres because they save a lot of fuel. The tyres should have a mix of both soft and hard compounds which gradually increases the life more. Low noise while driving is a reason for high-quality tyres. 

In conclusion, quality tyres provide safety and comfort in all road conditions for high-level performance for a better ride.