According to Marriage Horoscope By date of birth, Marriage is a sacred institution supported by the grand principles of Vedic astrology. We examine various parameters of marriage through various planetary positions and houses to bring you the chances of a successful marriage. Get more information.


There is a special person for all of us, with whom we spend most of our life. Vedic astrology has answers to all your questions regarding marriage. The list of auspicious planets in everyone’s horoscope includes Jupiter (Guru), Venus (Shukra), Mercury (Mercury), and Moon. Whereas the Sun, Shani (Saturn), Mars (Mangal), Rahu, and Ketu are considered inauspicious planets. This article will give a bird’s eye view of the various aspects of marriage that astrology covers to ensure harmony and marital bliss. Some simple combinations covering nine aspects of marriage issues will be shown below.


Characteristics of a good marriage


When we say that a marriage is successful or prosperous, there are some important things that need to be considered. A combination of all the factors given below is necessary for a harmonious marriage.


Good Compatibility: Compatibility is essential for both the bride and groom. When both your hobbies and interests match, it becomes common ground. There is collective interest in whatever you do and it is this common interest and compatibility that keeps you together in the long run.


Mutual understanding: Mutual understanding is very important between couples. Both the bride and groom may have different temperaments and may have different qualities, but as long as they can accept each other for who they really are, this is the foundation of a successful marital relationship.


Strong emotional bond: Emotional bond comes from the respect and love between the couple and the partner for each other. Physical attraction may fade over time but emotional connection remains. Therefore, it is important that you maintain a good emotional relationship with your partner and share their happiness and sorrow.


Good relations with partner and family: Another important factor, that is often left behind, is the relationship with your partner’s family. It is noteworthy that marriage is not just between two individuals but between two families. Furthermore, for a marriage to last and be happy, there must be a proper working relationship between both families.


What planetary combinations and houses are responsible for various parameters of marriage?


When we talk about marriage astrology, there are many parameters that need to be considered. For each parameter displaying success, there are different houses and planets that are working towards making a match successful or unsuccessful.


Timing of Marriage


The time of marriage is the time when both partners have become adults and are ready to settle down. To marry legally in India, women must be above 18 years of age and men must be above 21 years of age. However, we all get married at different ages. 


Saturn – During transit, Saturn should form a connection with the 7th house or 7th lord from the Lagna, Moon or Kalatra Karaka Venus (for men), and Jupiter (for women).


Jupiter – It should be examined whether Jupiter makes the connection through conjunction or aspect or not. During transit Jupiter forms a relationship with the Moon in the 7th house or with the 7th lord or with the lords of Karaka Venus (and Jupiter) or their stars.


Delay in marriage:


Sometimes, even if the person is of mature age, there are still obstacles that cause delays in marriage. It could be some inauspicious influence of planets or unfavorable position of stars, which causes these delays. Broadly they can be –


  • When Sun, Rahu, and Saturn aspect the Saptamesh or are in the seventh house from the Lagna/Moon, it indicates considerable delay.
  • If Venus, Moon, and Saturn are in the seventh house, marriage may be delayed till the age of 30 to 35 years.




For a successful marriage, the horoscopes of both partners must match. A certain house in one’s own horoscope reflects the qualities of the life partner with whom one’s relationship is about to end. This is fixed –


  • Marriage with a person who lives far away takes place when the Moon is in the seventh house and there are malefic planets in the fifth and ninth houses from the Moon.
  • When Venus is in the seventh house and aspects one’s own nature, the early marriage of the partner living nearby can be predicted.
  • If Sun and Venus are in the 5th, 7th, or 9th house then there may be weakness in the physical organs of the spouse.


Matching of horoscopes


Matching of horoscopes is an extremely important part when two people decide to get married. It determines whether both partners are made for each other and whether they will make a successful pair or not.


  • Matching of Guna/Koota can be done keeping in mind the birth constellation of the boy and girl.
  • If the maximum number of attributes is 36 and the minimum is 18, the match is approved as attribute/code compatible.


If a happy married life is indicated


  • The sun in the girl’s horoscope and the Moon in the boy’s horoscope are at a distance of 120 degrees.
  • The girl’s Sun and the boy’s Moon change houses.
  • The girl’s Sun and the man’s Moon affect each other.


The match is accepted if the summation is present


  • The girl’s Lagna/Moon/Navansh is 7th from the boy’s Lagna.
  • The ongoing situation of the boy and the girl should be mutually friendly.
  • There should not be any Dasha Sandhi at the time of marriage.


Love Marriage


Love marriage happens when both partners decide to take their relationship forward with mutual consent and get married. Not everyone has the facility to choose their partner as per their wish. Whether someone will have an arranged marriage or a love marriage largely depends on the combination of planets in their birth chart.


To make a love marriage successful


  • In both the horoscopes, it is necessary for the fifth house and the fifth lord, seventh lord, Venus, and Jupiter to be strong.
  • If Saptamesh, Panchamesh, and Venus are strong with auspicious aspects and are related to each other then a love marriage is successful.


Love marriage may fail


If Venus is in the seventh position in the birth chart and Navamsha. If Venus, Mars, and Saturn are in the seventh house or Saturn is in the second house


Marital Separation/Discord/Divorce


Aspects of marriage also include the process of marital dissociation and divorce. When marriage completes its process and it becomes impossible for both partners to continue the relationship, it results in the dissolution of marriage or divorce. Whether a person will get divorced or not can also be determined by his horoscope, which is as follows:


  • If Mars and Saturn are related to Saptamesh or Venus then there is an indication of separation.
  • If Mars, Saturn, and Venus are together in the eighth house then it indicates discord.
  • If Mars and Saturn are in the ascendant then separation can also happen.

Chances of a Second Marriage


When a first marriage does not work out, there is always the possibility of remarrying or remaining unmarried. Whether a person is destined for a second marriage or not can also be determined from his birth chart. When there is a strong possibility of a second marriage


  • The conjunction of the Moon and Venus is strong.
  • The Navamsha of Saptamesh should be in a low, set, or enemy house.
  • Venus in 2,5,8,11 signs with Ketu or under the aspect of Ketu.


No Marriage


There may also be a possibility that the person may not marry in his entire life. He chose to live alone and enjoy life accordingly. Whether a person will live an independent life or not can also be determined by his horoscope.


  • If Ascendant and Saptamesh are in the 2/12 position.
  • If Lagnesh and Saptamesh are in 6/8th place.
  • If Saptamesh and the Sun are in 1, 4, 7, and 10 zodiac signs




Marriage is a sacred institution that imposes equal moral, social, and spiritual responsibilities on husband and wife. The institution of Hindu marriage involves Saptapadi or the joint taking of seven steps in front of the sacred fire by the bride and groom. When the seventh step is taken, the marriage becomes complete and binding. The bride and groom pledge that they will remain true and loyal to each other and remain companions and friends throughout their lives. The sanctity of marriage will depend on both the partners and their various astrological consultations that ensure a happy and blissful married life.