With years of experience in the pharmaceutical and life science sectors, CD Bioparticles has announced a range of new Flow Cytometry Particles, including Size Standard Polystyrene Particles, Multiple Fluorescent PS Particles, and Ultra Multiple Fluorescent PS Particles, ideal for flow cytometry experiments.

Flow cytometry is an instrument for automated analysis and sorting of cells, allowing rapid measurement and display of a number of important biophysical and biochemical parameters that characterize dispersed cells suspended in a liquid. However, for a good application of flow cytometry, the instrument must first be set up and calibration of the instrument is essential for the collection and analysis of experimental data.

Flow cytometry particles are used to calibrate the flow cytometer and ensure that it is working properly. They are also used to count cells or particles and measure their size, as well as to label cells or particles with fluorescent antibodies or other markers. CD Bioparticles now offers a wide range of standard particles for flow cytometry calibration. These particles are manufactured from a special grade of polystyrene particles.

These flow cytometry alignment and size standard particles help users to calibrate and set up instruments to ensure chromatographic and optical stability, and to develop analytical methods for the simultaneous detection and quantification of many different analytes. More importantly, CD Bioparticles’ flow cytometry particles also help users achieve optimal experimental designs and ensure that the flow cytometer performs at its best to collect the most accurate data when calibrating, sorting, separating, and analyzing cells.

CD Bioparticles offers multiple Size Standard Polystyrene Particles (0.05~1.9 μm, 3.0~17.9 μm) that provide a submicron size standardization tool for flow cytometry, ensuring reliable size control and the ability to predict cell size in experimental samples by forward light scattering (FSC) measurements.

For example, DiagPoly™ Size Standard Polystyrene Particles, Flow Cytometry Grade, 5.0-5.9 μm (Cat. No. DNS-SP08), contain a single population of polystyrene particles that fluoresce in the UV, violet, blue, green, and red channels of flow cytometers. Each particle contains a mixture of fluorophores that allow the particles to be excited at any wavelength from 365 nm to 650 nm during system setup.

CD Bioparticles also provides Multiple Fluorescent PS Particles and Ultra Multiple Fluorescent PS Particles, which have enhanced UV and far-red fluorescence intensity compared to Multiple Fluorescent PS Particles, and the latter is suitable for alignment of FITC, PE, PE-TR, and PE-Cy5 channels.

Flow cytometry particles can be used for a variety of flow cytometry applications, including standardization of fluorescence, side scatter and width parameters in nano flow cytometry applications, proper cell capture, characterization of microparticles, aquatic bacteria and platelets, and measurement of multiple analytes in a single assay. For more information, please visit https://www.cd-bioparticles.com/products/flow-cytometry-particles-324.html.

About CD Bioparticles

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