Only those who have the ailment may truly comprehend the pain and misery caused by the Pilonidal Cyst. Pilonidal Cyst Surgery is frequently required to treat the ailment when conservative measures fail to produce the desired results. Let’s start with an explanation of what this cyst is all about. It is a pus-filled sac that forms on the crease of the buttocks near the tailbone. When the cyst causes considerable pain and recurs, surgery is the only choice.

Your surgeon can monitor the surgery procedure in a variety of methods, depending on the circumstances. You can watch the pilonidal cyst surgery video to see how it’s done.

Incision drainage:

A treatment commonly performed in pus-related procedures that provides temporary relief but does not address the underlying problem, and cyst recurrences are not uncommon. It is a straightforward process in which the cyst is sliced open and all of the contents, which are often pus, hair follicles, skin remnants, and so on, are drained out.

Excision Healing by Secondary Intention:

While this process is time-consuming, it is favoured since it greatly reduces the likelihood of recurrence. After the cyst is surgically removed, the wound is left open to heal gradually on its own in this treatment.


In general. Pilonidal Cyst Surgery is a godsend for individuals suffering from painful recurrences of Pilonidal Cyst. With the advent of medical surgical techniques, the success rates of this Pilonidal Cyst Surgery have considerably increased; however, because each patient’s condition is unique, health professionals will advise you on possible surgery ways to alleviate the ailment.