Tree removal Alpharetta GA services involve the professional removal of trees from your landscape or garden. These services are provided by experienced professionals, known as arborists, to ensure the safe and efficient removal of the trees. Tree removal services are necessary for a variety of reasons, such as:

• To remove any trees that are dead and pose a potential hazard to people or property.

• To improve the aesthetics of the landscape or garden by removing any trees that are out of place or blocking sunshine.

• To make more room for new trees or other landscaping features in your garden.

• To prevent any diseases from spreading to other trees, some diseases can spread quickly and easily throughout a landscape or garden.

• To prevent any damage caused by the roots of large trees, which can cause serious damage to foundations, pathways, and other structures.

Professional Tree Services offers other services as well:


Pruning trees involves removing dead limbs and branches in order to reduce their size and promote healthier growth in the future. Tree service Alpharetta GA such as pruning is often necessary in order to reduce the risk of branches falling on nearby homes or buildings or causing other damage due to their weight. Professional arborists are experienced in safely pruning trees of all shapes and sizes without damaging them further.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the process of grinding away a tree’s stump after it has been cut down. This is done in order to create a flat surface that is safe for people and animals to walk on without tripping over any roots or branches that may still be present. Professional arborists have the tools and skills necessary to complete this task quickly and safely.

Tree Relocation

Tree relocation involves safely moving a tree from one place to another, usually with the help of heavy machinery such as cranes or even helicopters! This service is often needed when a tree needs to be moved in order to make room for new construction or landscaping projects, or if it needs to be moved away from an area that is at risk for flooding or other natural disasters. Professional arborists can transport large trees quickly and safely using their specialized equipment and knowledge base.

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