Sage 50 Error 1628 can be a frustrating issue for Sage 50 accounting software users. This error indicates that Sage 50 is having trouble connecting to the database where your company data is stored. Sometimes it may also display a message like “Unable to connect to the company database”.

What Causes the Sage 50 Error 1628

There are a few common triggers for the 1628 error in Sage 50:

  • Corruption in the company database file (.mdb or .sdb). This is often the result of a crash, power outage, or improper shutdown of Sage 50.
  • The database file has become locked and Sage 50 cannot access it. This may happen if another application like Microsoft Access has the file open.
  • Issues with user account permissions and rights to the database file location on your computer or network drive.
  • Outdated drivers or software components related to connecting to the SQL database in Sage 50.

5 Ways to Fix the Sage 50 Error 1628

If you encounter the 1628 error when opening your company file in Sage 50, there are a number of troubleshooting tips and solutions to try:

1. Restart Your Computer and Sage 50

The simplest initial step is to close Sage 50 entirely, restart your computer, and try opening your company again. This may release any locks or reset any temporary issues causing the 1628 error.

2. Check the Database File Location and Access

Make sure you know where your .mdb or .sdb file is located and that the folder it is in is not set with restricted permissions. Sage 50 needs full read/write access to this database file location.

Also check to see if the file is open in another program like Access and close it.

3. Repair or Restore the Company Database

Using Sage 50’s built-in tools, attempt to repair the company database which can fix corruption and indexing issues. If repair fails, you may need to restore the most recent backup copy you have.

4. Update Hardware Drivers and .NET Framework

Make sure things like video card drivers, Windows updates, SQL Server components, and .NET Framework are fully up to date on the computer running Sage 50. Install the latest updates and reboot.

5. Call Sage 50 Support for Further Troubleshooting

If the above steps do not resolve your 1628 error, contact Sage 50 tech support for personalized assistance. Be ready to provide your product and company file details. Advanced troubleshooting or database rebuild may be required.

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Preventing Future Sage 50 Error 1628 Occurrences

While not always avoidable, here are some helpful tips to prevent the 1628 error from plaguing your Sage 50 experience in the future:

  • Backup your company data regularly in Sage 50. This makes restores much easier if needed.
  • Always properly exit Sage 50 instead of forcing application or computer shutdowns.
  • Maintain access permissions and minimal software on the drive hosting your company database.
  • Keep up with the latest Sage 50 updates, service packs, and product notifications.
  • Consider migrating your database to a network location or cloud if possible for more redundancy.

Staying proactive on company file maintenance, software updates, and IT optimization is crucial for avoiding both the Sage 50 error 1628 as well as other data issues.