Explore how SAP, a giant in enterprise resource planning software, is revolutionizing its solutions by incorporating Generative AI (Gen AI) into its entire portfolio. Daksha SAP Academy provides insights into how SAP is making strides in AI integration, transforming not only software development but also the user experience. Dive into the details of SAP’s commitment to embedding Gen AI across various solutions, making every developer a Gen AI developer and shaping the future of enterprise software.

Key Information:

  • SAP’s continuous integration of AI into products and services.
  • Gen AI embedded in SAP solutions for over eight years.
  • Expansion of Gen AI into the entire SAP portfolio.
  • Introduction of SAP Build Code with integrated Gen AI.
  • Joule, a Gen AI assistant, facilitates natural language interaction.
  • AI-powered code generation reduces development effort by 30%.

Key Features:

  • Gen AI integration in SAP’s core ERP and extended solutions.
  • SAP Build Code for pro developers with embedded Gen AI.
  • Joule, a Gen AI assistant, revolutionizing software interaction.
  • AI-powered code generation for streamlined application development.
  • Comprehensive curriculum and support from Daksha SAP Academy.

SAP Build Code and Joule:

SAP Build Code, introduced for professional developers, incorporates Gen AI, enhancing the development process. Joule, a Gen AI assistant, transforms how developers and users interact with enterprise software. Developers can seek assistance, reducing development time, while users can navigate applications, execute transactions, and receive proactive recommendations through natural language queries.

AI in Development Efforts:

SAP emphasizes reducing application development effort by 30% through AI-powered code generation, test script creation, and related processes. This approach allows developers to focus on intricate aspects of their tasks, fostering innovation and efficiency.

India’s Role in SAP’s Innovation:

SAP Labs India, with over 15,000 employees, plays a pivotal role in SAP’s global innovation efforts. The largest talent pool contributing to core R&D in India focuses on AI. India’s engineers contribute significantly to sustainability initiatives within SAP, aligning with the company’s commitment to green practices.

Future of SAP’s India Associates:

The majority of SAP’s India associates are poised to work on Gen AI, reflecting the company’s dedication to AI innovation. SAP’s India offices boast a comprehensive product portfolio, providing a unique environment for AI development. The commitment to AI education is evident through dedicated programs, including a 16-month AI curriculum for managers, preparing them for leadership roles in technology-driven initiatives.


SAP’s integration of Gen AI is not only transforming software development but also democratizing AI capabilities for developers worldwide. With the support of Daksha Academy, individuals can leverage this transformative shift to enhance their skills and contribute to the future of enterprise software.