ANtoN Solutions first blog!

Who are we?

ANtoN Solutions Group was founded by a group of business owners who themselves experienced the trials and tribulations of doing business. From these experiences, they decided to team up and come out with innovative business solutions that solve challenges that many businesses today face on a day-to-day basis.

So how can ANtoN Solutions Group help me?

Before that, did you know that the cost of hiring staff in Singapore can cost up to an average of SGD4,680 per month (including CPF)!? 

That is a lot of money, especially if you are bulk-hiring! Well, ANtoN can help businesses to offset the costs by assisting in applying for grants, including those that you might know were available for you!

That’s all ANtoN can do?

Don’t fret, that’s just one of the many services that Anton provides to business owners. Other than grant applications, ANtoN Solutions Group also provides solutions such as:
– Accounting
– HR and Manpower
– Grant 
– Marketing
– Operations
– Digitalization

And that’s it for Anton Solutions group first blog! We hope you enjoyed reading so far, Anton Solutions group is dedicated to serving our clients with both precision and with the drive to solve their problems!