The Swaraj 744 FE is a 2-wheel drive tractor specially crafted for Indian farmers. It boasts a 48 HP engine with a 3307 cc capacity, running at 2000 RPM. This tractor comes with a standard single dry disc friction plate clutch, and you can also opt for SC/DC/IPTO clutches. With its 8 forward and 2 reverse speed gears, it offers the power and flexibility needed for a wide range of farming tasks. The tractor is equipped with a 60-liter fuel tank, ensuring you can work for extended hours without refueling. Its electrical and electronic components, including the starter motor, alternator, and a reliable 12 V 88 Ah battery, contribute to the tractor’s dependability. Safety is a priority, as it comes with oil-immersed brakes for secure operation. This tractor can lift up to 2000 kg and features a mechanical/reverse steering system. What’s impressive is that it comes with a reassuring six-year warranty, providing peace of mind for your investment. In terms of price, the Swaraj 744 FE is quite budget-friendly, starting at Rs. 6.90 – 7.40 lakh* in India. Indian farmers appreciate this tractor for several reasons. It’s incredibly versatile and can tackle a variety of farming tasks such as plowing, sowing, and harvesting, among others. Additionally, it’s fuel-efficient, helping farmers save on running costs, making it a wise choice for the Indian agricultural landscape.