If you have been injured in a slip, trip, or fall accident, you may be entitled to compensation. In this article, we’ll take a look at exactly what happens after you’ve fallen down and why it’s important to report the incident immediately. We’ll also discuss how much compensation can be expected if your claim is accepted – but first things first:

What happens when you trip and fall?

If you’ve tripped and fallen, it’s important that you report the incident as soon as possible. Your employer will be required to record all accidents in a logbook or similar system. They must also contact the local authority if they fail to follow this procedure.

In order to make sure that your Slip trip and fall claim for compensation  is valid and successful, there are some steps you should take:

  • Report the incident immediately (within 24 hours). If this isn’t possible because of work commitments or other reasons, then report it as soon as possible after discovering your injury;
  • Provide details of what happened;
  • Advise them if there was any damage caused by the accident;
  • Also tell them if anyone else was injured during the same incident.

The importance of reporting the incident

The first step to getting compensated for your slip, trip and fall injury is reporting the incident. If you are not sure who to report it to, use this guide:

  • Report the incident to the property owner or manager. This should be done as soon as possible after an accident takes place so that they can take steps towards preventing further accidents from occurring on their property.
  • Report the incident to local law enforcement if there was any damage done as a result of your fall (e.g., broken glass). You may also want to file a police report if you think someone else caused your accident or if there is reason for suspicion about how it happened in the first place (such as wet floors).
  • Make sure that you visit a doctor after suffering from any kind of injury sustained during an accident at work or home; even if it doesn’t seem like anything serious now, injuries often worsen over time without proper treatment – which could lead into more expensive surgeries down the road! Doctors will also be able to identify whether or not treatment options exist outside traditional methods such as surgery so keep them informed throughout recovery process by updating them regularly on progress being made and whether symptoms persist despite treatment efforts taken thus far; this way when discussing options together later down road those choices won’t come out-of-left field because neither party knew what other alternatives were available beforehand due lack communication between parties involved.”

If your claim is accepted, what compensation can you expect?

If you are successful in your claim, compensation will be awarded to cover the costs associated with your injury. This can include:

  • Medical expenses (including physiotherapy and other treatments)
  • Loss of income – if you’re unable to return to work for a period of time because of your injuries, this can be compensated for
  • Pain and suffering – if an injury was particularly painful or distressing, it’s worth claiming for compensation

If you have been injured in a slip, trip, or fall accident, you may be entitled to compensation.

Slip, trip and fall accidents are a common occurrence in the workplace. In fact, they’re responsible for more than $20 billion in claims each year.

  • The most common causes of slip, trip and fall accidents:
  • Wet floors (from spilled liquids or water)
  • Excessive clutter that blocks walkways or makes them uneven
  • Poorly lit areas where you can’t see any potential hazards ahead of time


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