After conventional transport modes for logistics, electric vehicles have emerged as the future of last-mile delivery. These vehicles are poised for eco-friendly deliveries, lower operating costs, and better maneuverability. Likewise, electric mini trucks for small businesses offer various benefits for daily operations.


Whether it is Tata Ace or Jeeto Truck, choose the right one. This blog provides Tata and Mahindra mini trucks. Keep reading to learn more.

Mahindra Jeeto

  • Engine: Single cylinder, Water Cooled
  • Power: 16 HP Output
  • GVW: 1345 KG
  • Wheelbase: 2250 MM
  • Payload Capacity: 600 KG


The Mahindra Jeeto mini truck is a powerful truck with a high-performing engine tackling tough roads. Besides, having the maximum GVW for a larger payload is easily handled. Also, smooth steering makes it easy to glide through narrow spaces. Furthermore, this model is versatile for entry-level businesses. Hence, the model has a price range set at Rs. 4.29 – 4.99 Lakh.

Tata Ace EV

  • Battery Capacity: Zero Tailpipe, 17.2 Kwh
  • GVW: 1840 KG
  • Wheelbase: 2100 MM
  • Payload Capacity: 600 KG
  • Range: 154 km/charge


The Tata Ace EV mini truck is a sustainable mobility solution promoting a cleaner environment. Also, this model is classified under the Tata Ace series, driving future technology. Moreover, it facilitates e-commerce business solutions for intra-city, last-mile delivery. Hence, the Tata Ace EV price is fairly set for the users’ accessibility.

Tata Ace Gold CNG

  • Power: 26 HP Output
  • GVW: 1630 KG
  • Wheelbase: 2250 MM
  • Engine: Water cooled, CNG
  • Payload Capacity: 640 KG


The Tata Ace Gold CNG mini truck is built with advanced technology for high performance. In addition, its water-cooled engine prevents overheating to run for longer distances. Moreover, the output attained makes the model reliable for various applications. Hence, the Tata Ace Gold CNG price range is Rs. 6.15 – 6.65 Lakh.