QuickBooks is a bookkeeping software designed for small businesses, accountants, freelancers, and other users requiring precise accounting. The software is credible and generates dependable financial reports, which help the users monitor the cash flow of the business and reduce unwanted expenses. However, the software sometimes has to deal with unexpected issues that can occur anytime. QuickBooks Error 15106 can block the payroll updates and lead the software to a crash. If your QuickBooks also develops this error while downloading the updates, keep reading further to get in-depth knowledge about the issue and the methods to eliminate it. 

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The payroll service updates in QuickBooks get blocked by this error due to the conditions described below-

  • QuickBooks update fails due to security software restrictions that stop QB processes or hinder its functions.
  • The Windows account you use does not have sufficient permissions to access the system drives or run the Windows installer.
  • Some files in the payroll update package are damaged due to network connection issues during the download. 

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This update error can be terminated by applying the methods listed below- 

Solution 1- Stop Antivirus processes from running 

QuickBooks might develop many errors if its processes get blocked, or it is not allowed to execute its functions due to interruption of security software. Payroll updates can also fail if QuickBooks is forbidden from connecting to the internet or accessing the required files on your system. You can fix the issue by temporarily stopping your antivirus during the update. Refer to these steps-

  • Open your Antivirus quarantine list and ensure none of QB processes or files are isolated by the program.
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open the task manager on your computer.
  • Go to the Processes tab and search for your antivirus (Antivirus.exe).
  • Highlight the process with a single click and tap End Process.  

Once the anti-virus is stopped, you must rename the QuickBooks update folder. QuickBooks may fail to access the folder while retrieving some files during the update. Follow these steps-

  • Go to the file explorer and go to C:Program FilesIntuitQuickBooks(Year)Components.
  • Right-click the downloadqbXX (XX is the version year) and select Rename.
  • Type ‘.old’ at the end of the folder name and save the folder with its new name.
  • Retry downloading updates for the software or the payroll service.

If the error stops the update again, check out the next method.

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Solution 2- Run Quick fix my program 

The updates can also get blocked by internal issues in the software that can occur randomly. QB tool hub can terminate the minor glitches that cause the software to malfunction. Here are the methods to fix the issue-

  • Launch the QB tool hub and click on Program Problems.
  • Tap Quick fix my program in the drop-down list and wait until the tool repairs QuickBooks.
  • Download the updates again after the software is entirely repaired.

The payroll/software update will install without causing any problems. 


This blog focuses on the details of QuickBooks Error 15106 which interrupts payroll updates in the software. You read about the causes of this issue and the methods to rectify it. We hope you easily executed the methods, and the error is now resolved from your PC. If you run into any other issues, contact a QB support team at 1-855-856-0042 for resolution.

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