The advent of 3 wheelers has significantly transformed India’s public transportation infrastructure, particularly in urban and semi-urban areas. In congested cities, 3 wheelers offer unpaired manoeuvrability, enabling them to navigate through traffic jams and narrow lanes. This flexibility makes them ideal for short-distance commuting, serving as vital links for commuters who rely on public transport.


Moreover, 3 wheelers are crucial in enhancing accessibility for diverse groups, including elderly individuals and people with disabilities. Numerous 3 wheeler models have embraced environmentally friendly technologies, such as CNG and electric power, aligning with India’s commitment to sustainable transportation solutions. 


Now, let’s have a look at the most popular 3 wheelers that are contributing to enhancing the Indian public transportation infrastructure. 


TVS Auto Rickshaw


TVS has emerged as one of the most reliable manufacturers of 3 wheelers in India. Moreover, 2 best-in-class models are available in the TVS Auto Rickshaw lineup. Their models are TVS King Deluxe and TVS King Duramax, with a price range of Rs. 1.20 Lakh to 2.25 Lakh. 


In addition, they are offering excellent features and efficient engines, enhancing the public transportation infrastructure effectively.  Their models are engineered with a manoeuvrable body that can navigate congested roads. 


Bajaj 3 Wheeler


Bajaj 3 wheelers boast unmatched durability and fuel efficiency, making them the preferred choice for reliable, cost-effective transportation solutions. Moreover, it has a wide range of lineup that includes 7 vehicles. The Bajaj 3 wheeler price ranges between Rs. 1.96 Lakh and Rs. 3.82 Lakh. 


With innovative designs and advanced engineering, Bajaj 3 wheelers ensure superior performance and passenger comfort. Accordingly, the Bajaj Auto rickshaw is setting new standards in the transportation industry. 


In addition, the Bajaj 3 wheelers lineup also includes cargo vehicles, making them ideal for public and cargo transportation.   


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