The exterior of a business is a canvas for making a strong first impression, and the signage plays a pivotal role in conveying the right message. Hardman Signs, a leading exterior signage company, recognizes the importance of decluttering to maximize impact. Here are the top five tips for businesses looking to enhance the visibility and effectiveness of their exterior signage.

  • Streamline Information: A common mistake in exterior signage is overloading it with information. Hardman Signs advises businesses to streamline the content, focusing on the essentials. The business name, logo, and a brief tagline or message should be the primary elements. This ensures that passersby can quickly grasp the key details without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Optimize Font and Colors: Legibility is paramount when it comes to exterior signage. Hardman Signs recommends using clear, easy-to-read fonts and high-contrast color combinations. This not only enhances readability from a distance but also contributes to a professional and aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • Incorporate ADA Signage Thoughtfully: For businesses aiming to be inclusive, ADA-compliant signage is a necessity. As an ADA signage company, Hardman Signs specializes in creating visually appealing ADA signage that seamlessly integrates with the overall design. Thoughtful placement of ADA signage ensures compliance while maintaining the visual harmony of the entire exterior display.
  • Invest in Custom Signage Solutions: Generic signage often blends into the background. Hardman Signs encourages businesses to invest in custom signage solutions that reflect their unique identity. Custom signage allows for creative expression, making the business stand out in a crowded market.
  • Regular Maintenance and Repairs: Exterior signage is exposed to the elements, and wear and tear are inevitable. Hardman Signs not only fabricates and installs signage but also offers expert repair services. Regular maintenance ensures that the signage continues to make a positive impact and reflects well on the business.

By implementing these tips and partnering with a custom signage company, businesses can declutter their exterior signage and create a powerful visual presence. Hardman Signs, with its expertise in custom signage, ADA compliance, and repair services, stands as a reliable partner in helping businesses achieve impactful exterior signage.

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