Here at Rusty Lions, we offer quality sandblasting and metal finishing processes to businesses and private customers around NJ.

 We can renew your old items and make them look new once again. Whether it’s restoring the look of your mailbox or your vehicle, trust Rusty Lions for superior and prompt sandblasting services.

 Contact us to obtain a quote for sandblasting or other metal finishing services. Our professionals can also provide valuable information to prepare your item with pretreatment.

 Extensive Sandblasting Experience

Sandblasting is an excellent pretreatment for paint adhesion. You can use various media to smooth, shape, or clean a surface with perfect results.

 The process involves forcing abrasive media at high speed onto a surface. This process removes corrosion, paint, discoloration, and other physical defects from the component.

 Sandblasting is also a preparatory step for items that are to be painted or powder-coated.

 At Rusty Lions, we can customize the angular tooth profile to achieve immaculate results on any type of surface. We have extensive experience in sandblasting the following items:

 ●    Industrial Parts

●    Automotive

●    Wheel Rims

●    Bricks

●    Bike Frames

●    Motorcycle

●    Lawn Furniture

●    Fences

●    Radiators

●    Balustrades

●    And More

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