Gothic clothing is unique and different from other fashion styles out there. Gothic clothing is that kind of style which is both daring, expressive and stunning. You can get a dramatic, expressive, and gorgeous appearance while wearing gothic clothing and accessories. Women’s gothic clothing, especially, are sophisticated and powerful. The employment of dark and striking hues in clothing, such as, black, blood red, burgundy, purple, orange, silver, etc., along with the occult jewellery, offers gothic outfits and accessories a horrifying and spooky appearance.

Gothic outfits originated in Europe during the time of the Middle Ages. This particular fashion is inspired by gothic architecture, gothic literature, and punk rock bands. Gothic makeup is absolutely distinct from the normal makeup with which we are familiar in general. Gothic makeup features pale skin, bold eyes, and bold lips, thus, is extravagant in its own way. People belonging to gothic subculture also love to add body piercings and tattoos to give their look a more supernatural vibe. Different gothic trends in different eras lead to different gothic outfits. As a result of which, there are numerous gothic clothing pieces in the market, which also include a gothic blouse and a gothic skirt.

Women’s gothic dresses are designed in different ways in different eras. Just have a look at the modern gothic apparel, and you will observe that it features brightly coloured, less dramatic attire. Body piercing and tattoos are given much importance in the modern gothic fashion. Formal goth is a trendy fashion right now. This type of gothic style is particularly worn by office employees. The outfit is minimalistic, with powerful and bold hues such as black as well as other dark tones. The accessories used to complete the look are similarly simple and minimal, and the style also includes a small tattoo on the body, which is completely opposite  to the full sleeved tattoos, the hallmark of the modern goth style. The makeup is put on to give a formal appearance; in other words, the makeup in formal goth is kept minimal. Still in this contemporary era there are many people who love the old school goth look. Jordash Clothing is an online company in the UK which sells many forms of gothic clothing and accessories, such as gothic trousers, gothic jackets for women, gothic jewellery, and so on.

The infographic below lists the different types of goth.