For most of us, automobile pinstriping seems like a simplistic artistic endeavor, it is actually a multi-faceted skill requiring a significant amount of prep work and materials. If you have a pinstriping project at hand, or you want you try pinstriping for your vehicle, we have this piece of information for you.

Before you embark on this sleek racing flare, you must have access to proper tools. And perhaps the most important tool in pinstriping is the automotive pinstriping tape. It is a tough and easy-to-apply tape that allows for the pinstriping artists to create some out of the box designs so that customization becomes a breeze.

It is crucial to select an ideal automotive pinstriping tape for cars. Do not take it as a perfunctory part of the process. Different artists have different design criteria and they select the pinstripe tape that best suits the project. Fortunately, we have endless choices in the pinstripe tape arena.

Unlike the other kinds of industrial tape, auto pinstripe tape allows the painter to create clean lines without damaging the vehicle’s exterior. Auto pinstriping tape comes in wide array of colors, width, and textures. Depending on the scope of the project, the vehicle, and the personal preferences of the painter, the tape can be chosen.

Pinstriping tape comes in a multitude both subtle and vibrant hues. These are of very good quality and the tapes can easily withstand the harsh rays of the sun as they are made with hefty UV resistance and are fully pigmented. Additionally, it is adherable to any vehicle type. So no matter what kind of vehicle you own, pinstriping tapes can be a good choice for you.

Benefits Of Using a Pinstriping Tape

There are numerous benefits of using automotive pinstripe. It is truly a critical tool of any pinstripe artist. Some standout qualities include durability, thickness, adherence to smooth surfaces, permanence, sensitivity to pressure, UV resistance, full pigmentation, and ease of application. While it is true that you need a professional pinstriper to apply the tape and complete the painting, but having these tapes handy can be very easy to accomplish the project.

These tapes have been here for decades, and this peel-and-stick product ensures clean lines on any vehicle and also helps you stand out your designs of swelling lines and looping circles. The tapes will make your vehicle pop-up among others.

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