Pickup trucks are a very popular family car. The reason is also very simple, because its huge cargo bucket is very practical, the passenger cabin can meet the needs of passengers, and the functional properties are very excellent. According to the survey, many farms in the countryside have a pickup truck, which can easily climb over the mountains, can help carry goods, the practicality is quite high, and the penetration rate in the four or five line market is also quite high.

Modified pickup trucks are also very sophisticated, not a simple thing, to be exact, more like the consulting industry, research, demonstration, transformation is indispensable.

In recent years, the emergence of a number of residential pickup trucks has brought new vitality to the market, and also provides users with a more intimate choice to complete outdoor travel. At present, several living pickup trucks on the market mostly transform the cargo box, thus forming an outdoor leisure space.

1. Advantages of EzBoxes

The unique advantage of owning a pickup truck is the ability to store items on the pickup chassis. Unfortunately, storing items in the back of a pickup truck exposes it to theft and weather conditions. Storing them in the front of a pickup truck leads to limited space in an already crowded cab, when the surrounding passengers don’t get a good driving experience. By installing a toolbox on the back of the pickup chassis, you can enjoy the luxury of safely storing your tools. EzBoxes are especially handy for apartment moves or furniture deliveries, but they are still useful for storing other small items, such as jewelry and important documents.

2. About EzBoxes customization
With the continuous increase of resident pickup models and related auxiliary modification equipment in the market, it has actively helped the new trend of “pickup +”. With the advantages of the vehicle structure, pickup trucks and outdoor camping, outdoor recreation and other projects can be more closely coordinated. In EzBoxes, you can customize your ideal toolbox to keep your tools and equipment clean and organized.

3. Advantages of EzBoxes

All aluminum EzBoxes high temperature resistance: can withstand 40 degrees to 70 degrees high temperature without aging deformation, and excellent corrosion resistance. Lightweight and burdenless is another advantage: aluminum is more than 33% lighter than steel, while retaining most of the strength, light weight, does not increase fuel consumption, and achieves perfect compatibility between forbearance and light. Aluminum is strong and strong: leather texture, strength and toughness break through the ordinary material more than 6 times, resistance to 200 kg pressure without deformation, impact resistance greatly improved. Our engineers can easily shape, cut, drill, process, press, bend and weld aluminum to suit specific purposes based on its excellent properties, and extruded aluminum can be painted, plated, polished, and anodized, giving engineers a wider range of appearance options than other materials. And aluminum is recyclable without losing any of its natural properties.

4. Price

Your budget needs to be determined based on factors such as size, materials, additional features and brand reputation.

5. Increase the resale value of your pickup truck

The biggest advantage of pickup trucks is that they have unlimited expansion of the toolbox. In fact, for the pickup truck, the toolbox can be launched with a variety of different use scenarios, and the toolbox design of the pickup truck still has a lot of room for improvement. In fact, toolboxes are not only durable, a well-designed EzBoxes has the potential to significantly increase the resale value of your delivery truck.

Say goodbye to damaged or misplaced items! Join the thousands of satisfied customers who have already unlocked the power of Ezboxes and simplified their storage and organization. Experience the convenience and peace of mind that comes with having a clutter-free space. Start simplifying your storage today with Ezboxes!


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