Blockchain technology continues to redefine industries, and the demand for adept development companies capable of harnessing its potential is soaring. Among the myriad of companies in this domain, these 20 stand out for their expertise, innovation, and commitment to delivering cutting-edge blockchain solutions.


Appinventiv is one of the most coveted blockchain development companies in the USA. The established powerhouse can offer you the ability to discover the increasing potential of the decentralized ecosystem. With its profound knowledge in the field, the organization is thriving globally. Its prowess has made it spread its roots across major parts of the world, including the US, UAE, Qatar, India, Europe, MENA, and more.

Appinventiv has been a technological partner in delivering more than 6000+ blockchain app development solutions across multiple industries and for various enterprises, startups, and fortune 500s.

Their team of 500+ blockchain software developers possesses the expertise to enhance your business with transparency, security, and robustness. Furthermore, their solutions are scalable and sustainable, ensuring a seamless transition to digital transformation. 

Appinventiv provides a range of blockchain development services, including blockchain app consultation, MVP solutions, smart contracts, end-to-end dApp solutions, crypto exchange development, ICO services, crypto wallet app development, NFT solutions, and more. The organization has implemented Smart Contracts using Solidity, Node.js, and Go on public and private blockchains.

As the USA’s top custom blockchain solutions provider, their clientele includes American Express, Vodafone, KPMG, Asian Bank, EmiratesNBD, Virgin Group, Adidas, Americana Group, and Bodyshop.


Consensys has established itself as a powerhouse in Ethereum-based solutions. The company offers an extensive suite of tools, platforms like MetaMask, and developer resources, fostering decentralized applications (dApps) and enterprise solutions on the Ethereum blockchain.

IBM Blockchain

IBM’s blockchain services revolve around enhancing supply chains, financial services, and trade finance. Their focus on Hyperledger Fabric and permissioned blockchains caters to enterprise-level requirements, ensuring secure and efficient solutions.


As a consulting giant, Deloitte provides advisory and implementation services for blockchain technology. Their expertise spans various industries, guiding enterprises in adopting and integrating blockchain to streamline operations and enhance transparency.

Microsoft Azure

Azure’s blockchain offerings provide a robust platform for developing, deploying, and managing blockchain applications. Its cloud-based solutions cater to a wide spectrum of industries, enabling seamless integration and scalability.

EOS Development

Specializing in EOS.IO blockchain, this company excels in building scalable and flexible decentralized applications. EOS Development’s focus on high-performance applications has garnered attention in gaming, decentralized finance (DeFi), and social media sectors.


R3’s Corda platform is renowned for its privacy and scalability features, primarily serving the financial and enterprise sectors. Its focus on permissioned blockchains facilitates secure and efficient transactions among trusted parties.

Blockchain App Factory

From token development to smart contracts and enterprise blockchain solutions, Blockchain App Factory offers comprehensive end-to-end services. Their expertise lies in providing customizable solutions across diverse industries.

Hedera Hashgraph

Hedera Hashgraph boasts a consensus algorithm providing high throughput, making it a preferred choice for various applications requiring speed and security. Its governance and fair access model cater to a range of use cases.


Altoros stands out for its proficiency in Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum, offering comprehensive blockchain solutions. Their focus on consulting, development, and integration services caters to both startups and enterprises.


Intellectsoft specializes in developing blockchain solutions for supply chain management, healthcare, and finance. Leveraging their technical expertise, they deliver scalable and secure applications tailored to specific industry needs.


Dragonchain emphasizes interoperability and scalability, simplifying the integration of real business applications onto a blockchain. Their focus on hybrid architecture allows businesses to retain control while benefiting from blockchain technology.


Blockchangers specializes in permissioned blockchains, enabling enterprises to adopt blockchain solutions efficiently. Their emphasis on bespoke solutions ensures alignment with business goals while leveraging blockchain’s transformative potential.

Blockchain Mind

This company excels in building decentralized applications, providing consultancy and development services across various industries. Their focus on user-friendly interfaces and scalable architectures aids in widespread adoption.


With a strong emphasis on IoT and blockchain integration, LeewayHertz delivers robust solutions for businesses seeking innovative tech integrations. Their IoT-enabled blockchain applications enhance efficiency across sectors like healthcare, logistics, and manufacturing.


ChromaWay’s blockchain platform, Chromapolis, emphasizes scalability and versatility for building dApps and enterprise solutions. Its relational blockchain platform caters to various use cases, from tokenization to complex smart contract applications.


Specializing in blockchain development for startups, LimeChain offers comprehensive solutions from ideation to deployment. Their focus on agile methodologies and cost-effective solutions aids startups in navigating the complexities of blockchain development.


Famous for its contributions to Bitcoin, Blockstream focuses on blockchain infrastructure. They offer various solutions and services, including the Liquid Network, aimed at enhancing Bitcoin’s functionality for businesses and financial institutions.

HashCash Consultants

HashCash excels in providing blockchain solutions for payment processing, digital identities, and supply chain management. Their blockchain expertise facilitates secure and transparent transactions across industries.


BlockchainDriven stands out for its expertise in building robust blockchain ecosystems. Their comprehensive approach caters to diverse industry needs, offering tailored solutions for enhanced efficiency and transparency.

These companies stand as pioneers, shaping the future of technology through their innovative approaches to blockchain development. Whether it’s enterprise solutions, decentralized applications, or specialized blockchain platforms, these top 20 companies continue to redefine the possibilities of blockchain technology.