QuickBooks is the most reliable bookkeeping software for small businesses, accountants, and other users needing precise business accounting. However, there are many complaints from users that QuickBooks Has Stopped Working or cannot start on their computers. On the off chance your QB also stops suddenly on your computer, this blog will help you find out the reasons this happens and the methods to eliminate the issue from your computer.

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You might sometimes encounter frequent crashes in QuickBooks, or the software won’t start even after many attempts. The circumstances under which QuickBooks can stop working efficiently on your computer are discussed below-

  • The QBWUSER.ini file stored on your system drive is damaged, and it fails to run when the software starts.
  • QuickBooks is partially installed on your computer and has developed internal issues due to damaged or missing program files.
  • QuickBooks background processes are blocked by the Windows Firewall or other security programs installed on your PC.

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You cannot start QuickBooks, or it might even crash a few seconds after running until you take care of the issues triggering the problem. The practical methods to get rid of the issue are discussed below-

Solution 1- Launch QuickBooks after recreating the QBWUSER.ini file

Like all other software, QuickBooks also has its program files stored on your computer. The software needs these program files to execute its functions efficiently and deliver the expected output. One of the program files is the QBWUSER.ini file, which keeps a record of the accounts that sign in to your QuickBooks and access the financial data. QB runs this file during its launch and randomly in between the accounting tasks to verify your identity. In case the QBWUSER.ini gets damaged or corrupted, QB might fail to start or crash unexpectedly. You can fix the issue by recreating the file as described in these steps-

  • Use the file explorer to navigate to the QB folder on your C: drive.
  • Open the folder to locate the QBWUSER.ini file and right-click on it.
  • Select the Rename option and type ‘.old’ as an extension to the file name.
  • Save the file on your system as ‘QBWUSER.ini.old’ and relaunch your QuickBooks.

If your QB still fails to start, check out the next solution mentioned below.

Solution 2- Fix the QB launch issue using the Quick Fix My Program tool

QuickBooks can sometimes malfunction during its launch if its background processes get interrupted by internal issues, which can be tackled by the QB tool hub. You are also advised to avoid clicking the QB launch icon multiple times and give the software adequate time to open. Here are the steps to counter the minor issues with the tool hub-

  • Open the QuickBooks Tool hub on your computer and single-click the Program Problems option.
  • Go to the Quick Fix My Program option and let the tool rectify the glitches automatically.
  • Reopen your QuickBooks after the tool finishes the repair.


We have reached the end of our blog explaining why QuickBooks Has Stopped Working on your computer. The practical methods to prevent the issues that hinder the software launch are discussed in the blog, and we hope you use them to run QuickBooks flawlessly on your computer.

Talk to our QB support team at 1-855-856-0042 if the issues persist after applying the solutions.

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