This UTE dog box is perfect for outdoor adventures or hunting trips. It is part toolbox and part dog box design, the engineers have designed a dividing door in the middle of the dog box so that the whole box is divided into two parts, you can separate the dog from the prey of other tools to be stored, the optional heavy duty slide on the other side of the dog box for the refrigerator or the generator. Dog boxes can be easily mounted on UTE trays with simple tools, which are very popular in the Australian and New Zealand markets. It is constructed of high-quality aluminum sheets, completely welded, and the overall structure is reinforced by ribs, which makes the entire toolbox more robust and durable. The soft sealing rubber on the door can effectively prevent dust and water from entering, and the air pressure rod is convenient for opening and closing. It comes with 2 sets of high quality fishtail locks to ensure that items are always secured. The box’s ventilation grates are carefully polished so that they don’t scratch your puppy’s PAWS and tongue.

Ute Canopy Dog Box – Black
Part dog box, part toolbox
Fully welded
Dog box bottom, side and top aluminum tube frame
There are laser cut vents on the side
Stainless steel piano hinge
2 zinc alloy fishtail locks
2 x pressure bar
Rubber seal (waterproof and shock-proof)
The dividing door in the middle of the dog box
OEM and ODM available
Assembly position: paper plate, pickup truck chassis
Popular: Australia, New Zealand, United States
Type: Dog box and ToolBox
Material: Aluminum flat alloy
Thickness: 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm
Dimensions:  1775(L) x 1400(W) x 850(H) MM
Other dimensions: 800 (L) x 1780 (W) x 850 (H) MM
800 (L) x 890 (W) x 850 (H) MM
Custom size or combined with ute canopy
Color: Black/Custom color
The package includes:
Dog box + shrink film + foam + carton
2 keys
We also offer custom services in different sizes and materials (aluminum alloy, aluminum inspection plates, or mixing aluminum plates and screens together, etc.), please contact us for a quote.  View More in ezToolBox…

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