Custom rigid vape boxes are a true game-changer for your brand’s success. Making those stylish boxes and considering packaging them in visually striking boxes is a wise decision when it comes to box choosing. When choosing the rigid form packaging for your boxes, you have the ability to significantly impact the market. 

Look through the market to find the most alluring suggestions for completely revamping the appearance of your packaging. Here are a few well-known and incredible ideas:

Dotted Design Vape Boxes 

The idea of the dotted pattern on the boxes is brilliant. Dot imprinting is a fantastic way to improve your brand.  To keep the vape products safe and sound, you can place it inside these custom rigid vape boxes. Make sure your box packaging has a great appearance by selecting a theme. 

Any diameter can be used for the dotted pattern. To showcase it more, choose for the gold and silver foiling feature. 

Striped Design Boxes

The vibrant strips that have been added to the boxes look amazing. Select the italicized neutral-colored strips for the boxes. But this is the most amazing design you can put on the vape box packaging to encase the vape products in any shape.

Die-Cut Symmetric Boxes

The custom vape packaging incorporation of geometric die-cut embellishments is stunning. Utilize every available space when creating the box to provide visually appealing packaging. The die-cut feature in shapes like hexagons, octagons, and triangles will look amazing on the boxes. 

The vapes enclosed in this kind of custom vape boxes wholesale with die cut features can be seen by the buyers without opening the box. Moreover, buyers can see the color of the vape products thanks to its die-cut feature. 

Flowery Boxes

Use software to make the flower artwork and attractively arrange the patterns to produce this vape-shaped floral packaging. You can use the artwork of daffodils to create the outer box and package the flowery vape products created for the female audience. This flowery design will highlight your product in an elegant manner.

Basic Kraft Boxes

Sometimes success lies in keeping things simple. The rustic texture of the kraft boxes is derived from the cleverly toned repurposed material. These kraft boxes can be used to package your vape products. Decide to add the illustration of the feathers to the boxes. 

Include the name of the vape brand and the e liquid flavor in a rectangular shape that pops out in a vibrant color on this illustration of feathers. The vibrantly colored pop-out labels give the boxes a fantastic contemporary edge. Therefore, this design approach will offer a package view that is both attractive and basic. 

In contrast to complementing boxes, which match the internal accessories placement, it seems that non-matching boxes are out of style and are not as popular. By arranging your design so that it blends in with the internal product placement, you may create a lavish appearance for your box. 

How are these boxes achieved? When designing vape packaging, try to make it clear or include a window feature so that the customer can see the goods without having to open it. 

Imaginative Vape Boxes

What are they? It is possible to create imaginative vape boxes if you choose the eye-catching images. If you are encasing the vape products inside of boxes and would like to add some playful elements, for example, you could include a picture of a monster that is aligned with the flavor of the e liquid flavor, if the flavor is berries then show it devouring the flavor to the fullest. 

Insert a short sentence after choosing the artwork, such as refresh your senses with berries. These captions will effectively draw in the most attention from passersby and turn them into potential clients.