High-pressure plants by Empire Gen Construction USA Inc. are based on chemical-free, high-energy water purification using pure water. Our experienced Power Wash Contractors NY provided professional services that are a cornerstone of this cleaning method. The method and Handling technology are developed based on the geometry and number of parts.

Every Individual Is Our General Standard

Intact Changeover

Our high-pressure solutions are designed to fit into your current manufacturing procedures seamlessly. Ideal conditions for optimal component cleaning in sync with your production are met by our layout and a high degree of flexibility in the selection of various handling systems.

Reliable Indicators Of Performance

Our high-pressure systems are designed to have the shortest cycle durations possible while producing consistent and reliable outcomes. Maintained a regular daily routine. Prove us wrong!

Systems Management That’s As Unique As Your Part

We’ll determine the best way to move the component or the high-pressure nozzle with a handling system by considering the component’s geometry, cycle duration, and other factors.

The Appropriate Cleaning Methods, Modified For Your Work

For the highest level of cleanliness in your component, we may combine the best cleaning methods in our high-pressure water systems in any number of ways.

Cleaning At High Pressure

Did you know that the high-pressure water technique may remove tenacious component contaminants or workpiece coatings without chemical additives? Our high-pressure cleaning methods provided by Concrete Contractors NYC are effective and safe for the environment. The cleaning substance is subjected to pressures of up to 4000 bar and applied either locally or broadly to the appropriate contours or surfaces, all without the use of any chemicals. We have a wide range of potential benefits for our large-area cleaning technology, which includes patented special tools and integrated suction technology. Our high-pressure method can be used for batch or continuous flow cleaning, depending on the specifications. There are many potential uses, from cleaning to deburring to decorating. High-pressure technology is used for expert removal of paints, resins, release agents, ceramic coatings, and radiation.

Cleaning With Spray

Spray cleaning is a common requirement for removing stubborn oils and greases from manufacturing operations, as well as incrustations and dried production leftovers from components. Low-pressure spraying from a nozzle directs the aqueous cleaning material directly onto the target surface. That can be accomplished from any angle. The mechanical energy either instantly detaches the contaminants and flushes them away or softens them to be thoroughly removed during the subsequent cleaning process. The part or the nozzle can be put in motion to create a circular impingement pattern. The spray technique can be used in industrial cleaning plants’ last OK cleaning step if extremely high purity criteria must be satisfied. This ensures that no dust or dirt is left on the surface. Stripped away from the top layer.

Cleaning By Immersion

One of the most common uses of industrial parts cleaning is for the cleaning of components in an immersion bath. Both alkaline or acidic cleaning solutions are used in immersion cleaning when the objects to be cleaned are submerged in the solution for a set period. Component movement can also aid in the breakdown of contaminants; here, rotation or oscillation in the baths ensures that the cleaning medium is distributed evenly throughout the system. Increasing the temperature of the basin can also improve the effectiveness of immersion degreasing. The amount of dirt on the parts also plays a role in how long it will take to clean them. The method is easy, cheap, and safe for use on delicate materials provided by Masonry Contractors NYC. In our facilities, mechanical aid in the form of ultrasound and pressure flooding is frequently used in conjunction with immersion cleaning.