What role does AI technology play in Pipefy’s products or services? How do you leverage AI to enhance your offerings?

AI is the new frontier for digital transformation in general, and no-code in particular.  It holds enormous potential for both process automation and operational efficiency. Where these two intersect, that’s where Pipefy really shines.

Pipefy AI enhances our existing platform by helping teams solve some of their most complex and time-consuming challenges, such as pulling critical insights from their data, or building more efficient processes. By simply telling Pipefy AI what is needed, users can access complex data analysis and create the best version of their process in mere seconds.

We also partner with technologies that are using AI in other ways. For example, our partner ABBYY uses AI to enhance their document processing capabilities. Partnerships like these allow our customers to get even more benefits from AI to drive efficiency and deliver optimization to an extent only dreamed of just a few years or even months ago.

Security and data privacy are crucial in today’s digital landscape. How does Pipefy ensure the protection of customer data?

We know that businesses and IT teams need solutions they can trust, as much as they need processes they can trust. To us, being worthy of that trust means fortifying our software against known and emerging threats. Pipefy adheres to industry standards and best practices, including SOC2, ISO, GDPR, and LGPD.

But we also want teams that use Pipefy to have the control and features they need to uphold internal governance and compliance standards. So we built additional measures into our software, features like multi-level permission management, SSO, and MFA.

Process standardization and structure also play critical roles in security and privacy. That’s because standardized, consistent processes provide better visibility and oversight, which make it easier to enforce governance and compliance standards.

How do you see the future of business process management and workflow automation evolving in the coming years?

On the immediate horizon, we know that AI will be a game changer for process management and workflow automation. AI actualizes the full potential of no-code technology, by helping everyone in the business make better decisions and work both smarter and faster than before.

AI gives business leaders deeper access to insights about their data, which helps them identify trends, uncover root causes, and more accurately assess process and team performance. Process managers and practitioners will also benefit from AI. In addition to eliminating manual work and speeding up processes, this technology democratizes process management by empowering team members with deeper insights, faster responses, and levels of scalability they haven’t had before.

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