Although asphalt can withstand considerable wear and tear, the breakdown process is accelerated by exposure to water, chemicals, oils, and ultraviolet light. Repairing significant asphalt damage can be costly if ignored, but you can take several preventative maintenance steps to reduce repair costs. The Paving Companies Jacksonville are really helpful in giving your asphalt pavement work professional and quality work. 

Here are some steps to extend the life of your parking lot or driveway and save a ton of money in the long run.

1. Regular Scan:

If your area receives a lot of traffic regularly, cleaning the sidewalks on your property once a week may be challenging. However, regular cleaning activities are necessary to ensure that your car park is free of damage and open safely to all guests. You can keep a close eye on the condition of your asphalt by regularly removing trash, debris, leaves, snow, ice, and caddies. 

Pavement damage can be quickly identified and repaired inexpensively. Also, leaving trash on your driveway or parking lot can disrupt how water naturally drains off the surface. Accumulated water will slowly seep into the asphalt, increasing the risk of cracks, potholes, and pavement collapse.

2. Fix Cracks As Soon As Possible:

If you have any cracks in your asphalt, they should be sealed as soon as possible. The first line of defence in preserving pavement is to seal cracks as soon as they become visible. Even the smallest cracks allow gallons of water to seep in every minute, eventually removing your investment. Repairing cracks of all sizes delays the breakdown of asphalt pavement.

3. Solve Drainage Problems:

The most common cause of pavement failure is inadequate drainage or water problems. Standing or accumulated water is asphalt’s worst enemy. Puddles pose a risk to your safety and reveal a problem with your sump pit or drainage system. 

The more depressions tend to develop on your land, the more standing water will be neglected. Water erodes asphalt surfaces by compromising the pavement’s structural integrity, creating fatal fractures and potholes.


Asphalt pavements help in saving money even with repair and maintenance on time. Taking care of your property, including pavement driveways, pathways etc., is crucial. It enhances the aesthetic of one end and adds value to your property. Therefore hiring experts from search from many Paving Companies in Jacksonville or nearby is important.