Packaging supplies have a major role to play in our everyday life. In fact it is impossible to imagine our life without storage boxes or moving boxes. Not only can we use them for multiple purposes, but they are also beneficial for our ecosystem. The packaging products which we use in our day to day life are strong, robust, durable, biodegradable, compostable and eco-friendly in nature. This further makes the packaging materials more special and an integral part of our life. Just think about it. What can be better than having packaging products which reduce packaging waste? There are some basic packaging products which you need to keep handy with you when moving or shifting to a new place or for the purpose of storage.

Cardboard boxes, foam rolls, bubble wrap rolls, edge guards, corrugated paper rolls, foam peanuts, strong tape, labels, blade knives, permanent marker pens and so on are some of the essential items which you should keep ready with yourself while moving or storing. These are basic and essential materials which you cannot ignore. Of course you need cardboard storage boxes of different shapes and sizes to pack various products that you have. Similarly to provide extra protection to the items you need protective packaging such as bubble wraps, foam rolls or foam peanuts, kraft paper and so on. Bubble wraps and foam rolls are used for fragile and delicate items and for electronic devices. Foam peanuts and kraft paper rolls are used for filling the voids in the boxes so that the items do not move during transit. If you have an expensive item to pack and its edges are delicate, then you have to put edge guards for extra protection before putting it inside the box.

It is not that you have to put the items inside the box with some extra protections, you need to seal the box as well properly so that the items do not fall out of the box and get damaged. For that you need to seal the boxes with a strong tape and if the box carries a delicate item, such as a mirror, mention that with the permanent marker pen so that the people who are involved in delivering the products will take extra care. Always prefer cheap cardboard boxes which are strong, durable and environmentally friendly.

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