Antique jewellery has a lot of value and worth. This value attached to the antique jewellery is not only determined by money but is also determined by sentiments and emotions it carries with it. People take immense care of antique jewellery to remember and show respect to their loved ones and in most of the families these antique jewellery pieces are passed down from generation to generation as the family heirloom. Therefore, it is highly important to preserve and protect antique jewellery in every possible way. Often there are chances that the antique jewellery pieces may get damaged, if you do not handle it with care. In such cases, jewellery repair is the only option which you are left with. It is a necessary step which further determines the value of your jewellery.

Hence, it is recommended that we repair our pieces of jewellery from the company or the person who is expert, experienced and has proper knowledge related to this service. When it comes to jewellery, the value is determined by the quality of the metal, quality, originality and authenticity of the gemstones and whether the jewellery belongs to a famous designer or brand. Apart from the mentioned factors the market value also has a major role in determining the value of the jewellery whether it is contemporary or antique. Always remember that if the antique jewellery is not certified and hallmarked, there are chances that its value of that jewellery may decrease. These are some of the important factors which a genuine valuer or appraiser is aware of. Apart from repairing our jewellery, many experts have proper and in depth knowledge related to jewellery valuation, jewellery remodelling, watch valuation, antique valuation and so on. You can get these services on-site and sometimes online as well. Nevertheless, jewellery is a valuable asset for everybody, a lot of hard earned money, sentiments and emotions are invested in purchasing it. Therefore, if there is the slightest damage in it, one should definitely take it to the right expert who can increase the value of the jewellery rather than devaluing it. A single wrong step can lead to a huge loss which is not at all acceptable. Therefore,  do proper research until you find the right person for the jewellery repair in London.

Prestige Valuations is an online store that provides you with various services related to valuable assets, which include, jewellery remodelling and repairing services, valuation services, services related to bespoke jewellery in London and so on. The infographic below points out certain unprofessional practices related to jewellery restoration and repair services that can devalue the antique jewellery.