Intuit provides a backup feature within QB Desktop that enables users to back up their company files at regular intervals. Users are free to choose the automatic backup option or the manual backup option for their company files on the computer.
At times, the backup process related to the company file fails to execute on the system, and the company file data becomes vulnerable. The error message ‘QuickBooks Unable to Backup Company File’ appears on the screen, thereby notifying the user about the failure to generate the backup company file.
Here, in this blog, you shall learn the exact reasons that may evoke this issue & you shall also learn to implement the correct resolutions for the same problem.

If you want detailed technical help for the ‘QuickBooks Unable to Backup Company File’ problem, you can dial 1.855.738.2784 to contact our QB Professionals Team.

QB Company File Backup Not Completed: What Are the Relevant Causes?

The appropriate reasons that can evoke the ‘QB Company File Backup Not Completed’ problem are explained below

  • If the QB Desktop Company file that you are attempting to backup has corrupted data, then you will definitely encounter this issue.
  • An invalid backup file path can easily prevent QB Desktop from creating & saving the backup company file on the system.

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Relevant Resolutions for ‘QuickBooks Company File Backup Has Failed’ Problem

The ‘QuickBooks Company File Backup Has Failed’ problem can be tackled via the resolutions stated below:

Resolution 1: Promptly implement the execution of the ‘Verify & Rebuild Data Utility’ to ensure complete eradication of this issue

  • In this resolution, the ‘File’ menu present on the QB Desktop window should be accessed, after which you need to tap the ‘Verify Data’ icon under the ‘Utilities’ tab.
  • Now, the required company file shall be scanned & technical issues found inside the same company file shall be displayed on the system’s screen.
  • Thereafter, you must hop back to the ‘File’ menu on the QB Desktop window, following which you need to press the ‘Rebuild Data’ icon present inside the ‘Utilities’ tab.
  • Next, the chosen company file shall be correctly repaired, thereby eradicating all the technical issues, and you shall be able to create a backup copy of the repaired company file very easily.

Resolution 2: Ensure that you have a valid QB Desktop Backup Directory on your computer to swiftly eliminate this issue

  • Here, immediately hop to the ‘Preferences’ menu indicated on the QB Desktop window, after which you must strike the ‘Backup Options’ tab so that you can proceed forward to view the ‘Local Backup Only’ section.
  • Thereafter, instantly check the validity of the backup file path saved inside the ‘Local Backup Only’ section, and if you note that you don’t have a valid backup file path, you must utilize the ‘Browse’ option to successfully acquire a valid backup directory.
  • Finally, you will be able to create & successfully save the backup company file at the correct location on the computer.

Both resolutions included above are known to fully eradicate the ‘QuickBooks Unable to Backup Company File’ problem. If you still need more help, you should dial 1.855.738.2784 to contact our QB Experts Team.

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