Volaris change name policy is a set of guidelines designed by the airlines. The policy helps travelers with terms and conditions and vital documents to alter their name on the flight ticket. It caters as a framework for travelers to follow when correcting errors, changing names because of marriage or divorce, or addressing discrepancies between the identification and booking documents. The policy confirms a compliant and smooth travel experience with Volaris Airlines. In this article, we have discussed the Volaris name change policy in detail with the information you must know to navigate the process effectively.  

Volaris Name Change Policy Highlights 

The Volaris change name policy guides passengers to modify their name on the flight tickets. Read the following section to understand the policy:

  • Your name on the flight ticket must be identical to the government-approved ID or passport. 
  • The airline allows name changes for both domestic and international flights. Travelers can correct a name up to 4 hours before the departure for free for an international flight. And about 90 minutes before departure for a domestic flight. 
  • Passengers can’t change their name if They buy the flight ticket with electronic credit. The flight has already departed. You need to change an adult flight ticket to a ticket for an unaccompanied minor or an elderly traveler. 
  • As per the Volaris change name policy, passengers can’t transfer their flight tickets to anyone else.  
  • For a legal name change, travelers might have to present valid documentation such as a divorce agreement, marriage certificate, or court decree.    
  • The change name request doesn’t spare passengers from paying the airport taxes, surcharge, and fare difference if the ticket type or booking class is no longer accessible. In such a case, the difference should be calculated from the price of the existing fare and the new one. 

How to Request Volaris Name Change via Customer Support?

To request a name change, passengers can use different channels, like connecting with Volaris customer service. Below are the instructions for contacting customer service: 

  • Contact Volaris Customer Service: You will get the airline’s customer service phone number on the official Volaris website. When you connect with an agent, ask for the name change. 
  • Provide Booking Details: You should provide your booking reference code and last name to the representative. All these details will help the representative to navigate your booking. 
  • Explain the Reason for Name Change: You must discuss the reason for name modification, like typo correction or legal name change. The agent may request legal documentation to support the change. 
  • Pay Fees: Complete the process by paying the name change fees with the fare difference, if any. 


Under the Volaris name change policy, travelers can request a name change/correction for multiple reasons, like typo errors or misspelled names. Understanding the policy is crucial to smoothly completing the name change process. Contact Volaris customer service or visit its website to get a clear idea of the name change guidelines and rules. Furthermore, if you can’t connect with them, feel free to call +1-800-865-1848, a consolidation helpdesk, to get your questions answered.