Have you ever visited Evansville? Do you know the top 9 things to do there?  The city is praised by the locals and the outsiders who love near Evansville.

A hoard of the people from different corners of the globe always come to watch the alluring places of this city. There are lots of things that you want to do in this city. You can also enjoy yourself a lot on the weekends. Evansville is a well-known city in Indiana. The place has thousands of attractions.

You can spend your weekend with your partner and your family as well in the city. You can also travel via Allegiant Airlines Flight to make your journey more memorable.

What are the nine things to do in Evansville on the weekend?

  1. Garvin Park:

The best place to visit on a weekend in Evansville is Garvin Park. On the weekend you always need to relax and rest in a peaceful place after working the whole week. To shed all the laziness, you can come to this park. The park has space to do cycling and a big ground to spread your sheet and relax for hours. Along with this, there is a sports complex where you can play tennis, basketball, etc. The most fun thing in Garvin park is that it has a pool where you can go for swimming.

  1. Mesker Park Zoo:

Mesker Park Zoo is a place where you can see more than 700 animals. Get deep details on different diversities of animals. There’s a Botanical garden also in this place. The place has many varieties of animals and you will have a chance to see a tiger, or lion in real.

  1. Evansville Children’s Museum:

This museum is located in Evansville and is said to be family-friendly museum. This museum is good for the children as it increases knowledge of many historic and scientific things.

  1. Hacienda Mexican Restaurant:

This place serves the best Mexican food. If you haven’t tasted Mexican food yet and don’t have a chance to go to Mexico then go to this place to have to essence of authentic Mexican food.

  1. Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano:

The place will give you homemade authentic pasta, seafood, soup, steaks, salads, etc. The place is the perfect place to taste the homemade Italian food.

  1. Carousel Family Dining:

The place is best if you want to have some homemade food. You can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner at this place. The place is affordable yet worthwhile to go for having food. You can spend a long time on your weekend and chit-chat with your companion while waiting for the food.

  1. Pangea Kitchen:

The kitchen will provide you with authentic and traditional food whose ingredients are imported from outside. You can spend some quality time with your friends.

8.Walther’s golf and fun:

The place has an indoor and outdoor game where you can take your kids on weekends. The place is fun and entertaining to spend your time.

  1. Cork N Cleaver:

Want to taste the best seafood? Come to this place to taste the best seafood and steak. Book your Allegiant Flight right now to visit the place.

In a nutshell

Summing up this post here, we hope you liked all the places and things to do in Evansville. The place is best to spend time on your weekend.

You can dine in at any restaurant as all the restaurants here are amazing. The travellers can easily visit Indiana through Allegiant Airlines book a flight. The airlines will provide you good seating system at an affordable ticket price.