Ready to explore the world of interior designing? Then let’s talk about the flooring ideas today. Well, in today’s world the demand for stylish, affordable and sustainable things have been rapidly growing. One of such sustainable and elegant flooring option is the ashwood flooring. This ashwood flooring is trending due to various reasons in comparison to its counterparts such as herringbone parquet flooring or other such options. So, in this article today we will talk about the engineered ashwood flooring, it’s history and how this flooring has emerged as one of the most trending flooring options in the contemporary world.

What is Ashwood Flooring?

Well, you all must be knowing about how the herringbone or oakwood flooring is made. They do not have the amalgamation of both the real and the synthetic woods but, engineered ashwood flooring is crafted through a meticulous process that involves layering real wood over a sturdy core, often composed of high-density fibreboard (HDF) or plywood. This process not only elevates the look of the floor but also makes it strong and sturdy enough to undergo rough and heavy usage.

What is the History of Engineered Flooring?

The history of this flooring dates back to the 20th century. This flooring was developed to overcome the problems which were faced when solid wood floorings were installed. When you install a real wood flooring, you face a number of issues such as a slight humidity in the weather will result in uneven surfaces or even a rise in the temperature will result in deformed edges of the floor. Also, everyday problems such as spilling over of water on the floor will also lead to swelling up of the wooden floors. Therefore, to tackle these problems yet maintain the natural look and classic style of the wooden floors, engineered wood flooring options such as engineered ashwood flooring, herringbone engineered wood flooring, etc were developed.

1960s marked an era when SPC flooring options came into being. This innovation through the amalgamation of science and technology resulted in the achievement of a milestone. This flooring was resistant to all kinds of humidity, heat, moisture, etc and at the same time was tough and sturdy too which made it easy for the homeowners as it demanded less maintenance.

Engineered Ashwood Flooring: A Sustainable Choice

We live in a world where sustainability is not merely a familiar word but is also the necessity of the hour. While the traditional solid wood floorings utilized thicker layer of real wood, engineered ashwood requires only a thin layer of real wood which therefore, makes it more sustainable and eco- friendlier option. The core of the planks usually has the recycled wood or varieties of fast-growing woods.

Why Should You Choose Engineered Ashwood Flooring?

  1. Durability: All because of the layered construction of the engineered ashwood flooring, the layers act as a shield and therefore guards the planks from any kind of humidity and any such external problems from affecting the floors. This property therefore makes it suitable of hot and humid areas too.
  2. Versatility: The design of this flooring makes it a versatile option. It complements the modern interiors as much as it complements the traditional classic interiors. So, whether you have a contemporary or modern interior, it will suit the walls of your house in both the cases.
  3. Sustainability: When you choose engineered ashwood flooring, you are contributing to the planet in its revival and survival. The sustainable and eco- friendly aspect of this flooring also makes it a beloved option.

Summing Up
There are various kinds of flooring options in today’s world. But the wood flooring has a different class and elegance. They radiate royalty and sophistication. But, wood flooring is not very convenient when it comes to the practical use. A slight change in the temperature will result in a swollen of a deformed floor. Well, this is the reason why the engineered wood flooring is gaining momentum. These floors have a number of advantages as discussed above which makes it the best option for the lovers and admirers of wooden floors. So, what are you waiting for? If you are someone who loves that classic wooden look then look no further and get you engineered wooden floors installed now!